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North Sea Liquor in Southampton goes up for sale, asks $1.2M

The building can be up to 32 feet high

Photos courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens

The liquor store on North Sea Road in Southampton, North Sea Liquor, has gone up for sale with an asking price of $1.2 million.

According to the Brown Harris Stevens real estate agent representing the property, Stephen Rogoski, the property has always been a liquor store. Since there’s a bar across the street and a deli next door, he says it doesn’t seem likely that the town would allow another wet permit for this property.

Standing 1,900 square feet on 0.35 acres of land, Rogoski says that another interested buyer has asked about expanding north, which the town would allow. The property is allowed to have a 20 percent maximum lot coverage. The building can be expanded back on the property an additional 30 feet, as well as an additional 30 feet to the north.

Further, it’s allowed to be up to 32 feet high with a maximum of two stories,

For a liquor store, it’s a decent size—there’s a full main floor, and stock room in the back—but if the new owner chooses to do something different with the property, expanding or changing the layout might be a good idea.

North Sea Road

, Southampton, NY 11968