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A cute, renovated ’80s cottage in Springs asks $775K

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Photos courtesy of Town & Country

An adorable renovated cottage at 146 Pembroke Drive in the Springs neighborhood of East Hampton recently went on the market under Town & Country real estate agents Larissa Troy and Lori MacGarva for $775,000.

Standing 1,800 square feet, there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace in the living room, a U-shaped kitchen, and a decent sized backyard with a dining deck—but, there’s no pool. But given the fact that the interiors are all up to date, it could be financially feasible for the owner to put a pool out in the back.

The half-acre property is not only close to Clearwater Beach, but it also borders a nature reserve, adding privacy to the residence. It would take about fifteen minutes to drive from the property to East Hampton village (about seven miles), and about 20 minutes to drive to the ocean at Main Beach.

Main Beach

108 Beach Street, , CA 95060 (831) 420-5270 Visit Website

East Hampton

, , NY 11937