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East Hampton compound offers main house separately, $7M less

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The property is asking $11,995,000

All photos, Compass

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the entire compound saw an almost $7 million price cut. The article has been updated with the most recent and accurate information.

Back in April of 2016, the 12.8-acre compound at 180 Springy Banks Road in the northwest area of East Hampton was asking almost $20 million (or, $19.75 million).

At the time, the home was listed with Saunders. It then came off the market in December, and was relisted with agents Washington Duke, Ed Petrie, and Lori Schiaffino of Compass Real Estate in April of 2017 for $18.95 million.

Earlier this week, the home came on the market separately from the two adjacent parcels. The asking price of the 8-acre parcel and main house now sits at $11,995,000.

The three parcels together are still being offered for the $18.95 million asking price. Between the 12.8 acres, there are three separate parcels—one is 8.2 acres and already has a 4,325-square-foot home on the property, while the other two are both waterfront building parcels, 2.5 acres and 2 acres in size.

The main house on the largest parcel was built in 2007 and has six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, 180-degree water views, a waterside gunite pool, tennis court, junior master on the first floor, and master with sitting room.

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