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Waterfront Bridgehampton property with 2,200-square-foot cottage asking $19.5M

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Four waterfront acres on Sagg Pond

All photos, Corcoran

The home at 719 Ocean Road in Bridgehampton is just 2,200 square feet in size with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It was built in 1957 and has circular rooms, a parasol-shaped roof, and water views of Sagg Pond and the ocean. However, the listing suggests a teardown.

The property is listed with agent Linda Nasta of Corcoran Group Real Estate. Nasta also has a $13.5 million oceanfront Sagaponack teardown in her listings.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos of the interior. Even if it’s a teardown, and even if the future owner immediately destroys the structure in order to build a massive waterfront estate, we’d like to think that the circular living room would be something worth seeing.

If one were to look at just what the price of the home would be per square foot, it would come down to a whopping $8,863 per square foot. However, the land is what’s really for sale here, set on over four acres of waterfront land that has 700 feet of direct pond frontage.

From the property, one can see the Bridge Lane bridge, Sagg Pond, and the ocean—which could be navigated to via Sagg Pond.

It would take someone about 25 minutes to walk the mile-and-a-half down to the ocean beach at the end of Ocean Road, or about 35 minutes to walk the 1.8 miles to Sagg Main Beach. Taking the route to Sagg Main would cross over the bridge, and might be a bit more scenic.

Sagg Main Beach

1152 Sagg Main St, Sagaponack, NY 11962