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Southampton home with windmill shed in the backyard asking $2.3M

It’s not a real windmill

All photos, Corcoran

The Hamptons loves windmills. There are multiple windmills scattered across the East End—as well as Windmill Lanes, appropriately named after their landmarks. Robert Downey, Jr. even purchased one of the most historic windmill homes in East Hampton just two months ago.

This Southampton home, located at 106 Potato Field Lane, has a shed built in the likeness of a windmill in the backyard. Of course, it’s not a real windmill—right now it looks like it’s been being used as a playroom.

Built in a post modern style in 1987, the home is just 2,789 square feet with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms on a half-acre of land.

The master bathroom has a large counter with vanity, a soaking tub, and shower box.

In addition to a fake—but fun—windmill outside, there’s also an awning-covered porch, pool, and secret garden. The outdoor space would be well-suited for entertaining or dinners with the family.

The asking price if $2,295,000 under listing agent Tim Davis of Corcoran Group Real Estate.