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Stella McCartney’s Napeague cottage is available to rent for $30K per month

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It’s been renovated


You can now rent Stella McCartney’s 1,350 square foot cottage in Napeague, Variety reports.

The fashion designer put her bayfront cottage up rent for July or the extended season for $30,000 a month. McCartney and husband Alasdhair Willis purchased the cottage last summer for $1.5 million.

The listing claims that the cottage has been renovated, but it doesn’t look like too many changes have been made since it was sold last year. Here’s a photo of the kitchen when the home was available for sale through Doulas Elliman, compared to a photo on the Saunders rental listing.

And here’s the living room last year, and current. The floors have been updated, which brightens the room quite a bit.

Behind the Hedges noticed that there wasn’t a television in the home, either—which probably won’t be something that a renter will want to lug out to the Hamptons, even when the home has bay views to look at.

What do you think? Would you rent out this cottage for that price tag?