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4 Hamptons homes for sale under 700 sq. ft.

Let’s go tiny


Tiny homes are usually considered to be under 500 square feet, but unfortunately the Hamptons real estate market tends to go above and beyond—so there’s not much available as far as the really tiny is concerned.

Thankfully, there are quite a few gems out there that are slightly bigger than 500 square feet, so we’re going to take a look at some of those. Let’s check out four Hamptons homes for sale under 700 square feet.

22 Millstone Lane, Southampton

Curbed actually featured this home last month to discuss the waterfront property, size of the home, and what the price broke down to per square foot. The home has kept the same $1.1 million asking, which comes down to $1,629 per square foot. As the only waterfront property we’re featuring here, one might expect for it to also be the most expensive.

The home has one bedroom and one bathroom in 675 square feet, making it the largest home featured. It’s considered a “beach house,” according to the listing, but given it’s on a creek and the waterfront is bulkheaded, one could easily argue against that claim.

Undisclosed address in Noyac

Our second largest—and second most expensive—home is a 616 square foot cottage in Noyac asking $850,000. The home is a two-bedroom, one-bath cottage in Pine Neck, which is also sometimes considered Noyac and also kind of part of Sag Harbor. It’s been recently renovated, and has a lofted bedroom area near the kitchen. The person who sleeps up there could literally wake up to the smell of bacon in the morning—as long as someone is cooking it.

Other feautres incllude a bay view, central air conditioning, and private outdoor sitting area.

282 Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton

This two-bedroom home in Bridgehampton has 600 square feet of living space on 0.8 acres of land. The listing claims that the property has development rights—and on almost a full acre, this could be an opportunity to expand. The listing suggests keeping the cottage as a guest house or rental apartment and building a 3,500 square foot home behind it, plus a pool.

The home sits north of the highway, but close to town and Ocean Road. Asking price is $625,000.

14 & 16 Huntting Road, East Hampton

This might just be the smallest home for sale in the Hamptons—it’s really a shame that there are no interior photos available, because this home could really be just adorable. The smallest home that we’re featuring is an East Hampton cottage built in 1935 with only 215 square feet of living space on 0.74 acres of land.

There is one bedroom and one bathroom. The listing suggests either tearing it down or building an additional home on the property, which is located near to a reserve.

With no interior photos, so much is left to the imagination: Where is the kitchen? Is there a bathtub in the bathroom? Is it just a studio with a microwave? What’s going on?!