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Hamptons home Beyoncé almost rented gets second price cut in five years

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Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly checked out the estate in 2013

All photos, Douglas Elliman

Back in 2013, power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly almost rented the estate at 466 Further Lane in East Hampton for the summer, which at the time was on the market for $24.5 million. The price is steadily dropping on the home, and has just received a $3.6 million slash in asking price, bringing it down to $18.9 million.

The two ended up renting out the Bridgehampton estate affectionately known as the Sandcastle.

Last sold for $5.105 million in 2011—a small price for a Further Lane home—the 466 Further Lane property came back on the market in 2012. The listing was taken on and off the market several times over the next few years, but always for the same $24.5 million asking price up until December of 2015, when it changed price for the first time since going up for sale. Up until earlier this week, it had been asking $22.5 million.

In 6,500 square feet, the south of the highway estate has seven bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms on 2.11 acres of land. The property features not only a main house, but four additional outbuildings, outdoor entertainment areas, and even an apple orchard.

There’s also what the listing describes as a “major screening room,” which would be good for watching Lemonade.

The artist is notorious for keeping an extremely low profile despite her immense international fame, and she hasn’t been spotted in the Hamptons too much recently.