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Meadow Lane new construction hits market for $49M

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Another glass-front house hits the market

All photos, Saunders

Luxury multi-million dollar listings are nothing new to Meadow Lane. The new construction at 1400 Meadow Lane is asking $49 million.

The home is still under construction—and it won’t be finished until 2018. So if you were looking to buy this home and hang out in the Hamptons for the remainder of the summer, you might want to look to renting something for the time being.

The home is oceanfront (of course), but one will also get some views of Shinnecock Bay. It’s going to be about 11,000-square-feet in size on 2.96 acres. There will be nine bedrooms and 12.5 baths. Other amenities will include a gym, media room, home theatre, pool, tennis court, and outdoor deck.

The downside? It’s right next to a parking lot.

Before this glass-front home sat on the property, 1400 Meadow Lane was home to 2,300-square-foot teardown that went on the market in 2012 with the Global Group.

The property has been on and off the market several times since 2012, usually asking the same $15,995,000 price. That was even bumped in 2015, at which time the asking price was $16.5 million. Finally, the property sold in October of 2016 for $14 million.