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Mocomanto: Historic Southampton village home is about to be renovated

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People aren’t happy with these planned renovations


Mocomanto—often referred to as “the Jewel of Southampton Village” ever since the Images of America book series called it such—is about to get a renovation, reports Behind the Hedges.

People aren’t happy about the planned renovations because the home been an important and revered piece of Southampton history. These renovations are about to remove 40 percent of the home and make some serious additions to make it larger.

As the home currently stands, there is 7,000-square-feet of living space which includes seven bedrooms. The current owners plan to add more bedrooms, more bathrooms, an additional wing, and a four-car garage, as well as raising the roof by five feet and getting rid of two chimneys.

The home’s history traces back to the founding of the Southampton summer colony. In the 1800s, Mary Louise Holbrook Betts purchased $900 worth of land at the southern edge of what is now Lake Agawam.

Back then, $900 got Betts four acres, on which Mocomanto was built and named after one of the Shinnecock sachems.

Mocomanto—located at 472 First Neck Lane—was owned by the Betts family until 1969. Most recently, the home went on the market in 2011 for $15 million and sold in 2012 for $10.7 million.

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