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East Hampton affordable condos starting construction in the fall

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The plans are 10 years in the making

Amado Ortiz, Architect

The 12-unit affordable housing complex that is planned for Accabonac Road in East Hampton is projected to break ground in the fall after ten years in the making, reports 27east.

Earlier this month, a $2.5 million bid was approved by the Town Board for JNS Contracting to build the condominiums at 181 Accabonac Road, which used to be a tennis club. The town purchased the three acres of land in 2007 for $882,000.

Construction is planned to start in the fall, as the Architectural Review Board has to approve the plans before issuing a building permit.

In March, a housing lottery opened for the complex.

The development would be set up as three buildings, each with four units. The units would range from one- to three-bedrooms condos, selling between $150,000 and $300,000.

Once the permits are issued, the three buildings are estimated to take between four and six months to build.