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Tiny house in East Quogue stands 900 sq. ft., asking $425K

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But it’s on almost a full acre of land

All photos, Town & Country

Here at Curbed, we love a good tiny house. A house is usually considered tiny somewhere around 500-square-feet, give or take, but in the Hamptons, a tiny house is hard to find. They do exist, but for the most part East Enders like to stretch out.

The home at 21 Post Crossing in East Quogue stands only 900-square-feet and has two bedrooms and one bathroom on 0.91 acres of land. In the small space, it has a wood-burning fireplace and bamboo floors.

Built in 1991, the home came on the market in April with listing agent Linda Kabot of Town & Country Real Estate for $435,000. The price was reduced earlier this month by $10,000, putting it where it is now.

The price breaks down to about $472 per square foot.

It could use an update or two, as it doesn’t look like it’s been updated since it was built in 1991. But the home has the potential to start. An open floor plan in a tiny house is essential to opening the space up and making it seem bigger than it really is.

The listing suggests building another house on the property and making this the guest cottage, or “accessory apartment.” But why not live in 900-square-feet?