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Holly Lane goes up for sale in Water Mill, concerns residents

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The private road has been owned by the Padula family for over 50 years

Photo: Douglas Elliman

Holly Lane, a private road in Water Mill, is on the market for $2.5 million, according to Long Island Business News. The road is host to about 20 properties, and those residents are concerned for what the sale could bring.

Sale of the private road would allow the owner to control the access that residents use to get to their properties, or even make it possible for the bay at the end of the road to be used for boat docking and rentals. This could then lead to overcrowding, traffic, or just a disturbance for homeowners.

Holly Lane has been owned by the Padula family for over 50 years. Artist Warren Padula is the current owner. His father, Alfred Padula, purchased an estate on Holly Lane in 1959. The purchase included ownership of the road.

Residents have enjoyed the privacy that living on a, well, private road has allowed. The lane going up for sale is worrisome as there is uncertainty regarding what kind of control the future owner of the road could take. Ultimately, they are concerned for how their livelihoods could be impacted, and how it will change from what they’re accustomed to.

The private road is currently for sale through Douglas Elliman. According to the listing, the road is between 40 and 75 feet in width and totals a lot size of 1.25 acres.