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Cynthia Nixon sold her Montauk condo for $575K

The Sex and the City star won’t be hanging out in Montauk anymore

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Cynthia Nixon has sold her Montauk condo—Unit 17 at Rough Riders Landing in Montauk, reports 27east.

Nixon is currently working on three separate projects, including The Discreet Pleasures of Rejection, The Parting Glass, and The Evening Hour. She is also currently performing in the Broadway play “The Little Foxes” and recently played Emily Dickinson in A Quiet Passion.

Her one-bedroom, one-bath unit sits only 500-square-feet and sold for $575,000. The condominium complex overlooks Navy Beach and has a pool, tennis courts, and a dock which can be used for fishing.

Most of the units in Rough Riders Landing go for around the same price—a recent sell went for $475,000, and an in-contract unit was sold under the price of $620,000.