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Springs home built in 1639 with wood from a ship asking $1.25M

The exterior has red accents

All photos, Douglas Elliman

When Congress Hall went on the market, it was the oldest house up for sale in the Hamptons with parts that date back to 1680. The home was basically reconstructed altogether, and sold under the listing price of $3.6 million—about $400K under the original listing price.

Built in 1639, 240 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road is more than 40 years older than Congress Hall, and it’s officially on the market for $1.25 million under listing agents Ann Marie Pallister and Justin Agnello of Douglas Elliman.

At 1,100-square-feet with one bedroom and one bathroom, it’s definitely not a very large home, but the history behind it is pretty fascinating. The home was built from the wood of a ship, and it actually still has the original pegs holding it together.

The exterior has red accents—the door, window shingles, and fireplace are all a bright red color.

There are wood beam ceilings and hardwood floors throughout the space, as well as a fireplace.

An operating farm stand currently sits on the 2.3 acre property.