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Amagansett modernist home from 1960 is just 1,000 square feet

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Not quite a tiny house, but still pretty small

All photos, Sotheby’s

In 1960, architect Richard Bender put together the “Amenity” project—which consisted of light-infused beach cottages on 20 acres of private land surrounded by woodlands, preserved land, and communal tennis.

One of the original homes has been fully restored and is asking $2.2 million under listing agents Rylan Jacka and Bayard Fenwick of Sotheby’s. The restoration included updated aged pine flooring and wood beam ceilings.

The 1,000-square-foot cottage has floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the front and back sides of the home, allowing a complete see-through effect. There’s even a floating sculptural fireplace orb.

There are two bedrooms, one full bathroom, and one half bathroom. And the bedrooms are tiny—as can be expected in a space this small. There’s no true master, which also comes as no surprise for a cottage like this.

Outside, there’s elevated mahogany decking, an outdoor shower, and a Japanese-inspired garden with a freshwater pool.

With the land being over an acre in size, one could very well build upon the land if 1,000-square-feet just isn’t enough space.