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Sag Harbor 6-unit apartment complex with home-like curb appeal for sale, asking $2.95M

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Originally constructed in 1828

All photos, Sotheby’s

The east end lacks a year-round rental market. Housing—especially for young people—is often found by knowing someone who has an extra room that they’re willing to rent out, or a pool house that they can spare. Others are live-in nannies or housekeepers.

So a six-unit apartment complex for sale in Sag Harbor is a bit of a surprise, though a pleasant one at that.

The building itself is two-and-a-half stories, and was constructed in 1828 by “Captain” Noah Washburn. The central staircase is from the original structure.

The apartments inside range from studios to a two-bedroom private wing. The complex is located a walking distance from the village, so the location provides a good opportunity to recruit tenants. The whole structure is 3,820-square-feet and has a covered porch at the front of the house.

Back in 2008, the building was listed for sale at $2.6 million with Prudential, before switching over to Corcoran in May of 2011. Shortly after, it was listed with Nest Seekers until later that year before it came off the market altogether.

In 2016, the structure came back with a listing under Sotheby’s International Realty and a price tag of $3,245,000. That price was then reduced down to $2,995,000 after only a week on the market.

Earlier this month, the building got another price cut, putting the current asking price is $2,950,000.