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Shingle-style Sagaponack home gets almost $1M slashed from asking price

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Featuring a pool, tennis court, and some serious landscaping

All photos, Daniel Gale

The home at 557 Daniels Lane in Sagaponack just got almost $1 million slashed from its asking price. Previously asking $9,290,000, the home is now available for $8,295,000.

The property has been on the market since September of 2016. This is the first time it has seen a change in price. The home is right around the median price for similar homes in the area.

With five bedrooms and four full bathrooms on a lot that’s just under two full acres in size, the property comes with both a pool and tennis court.

Walking into the home, one will be greeted in an entry foyer with a staircase that runs alongside the walls and brings one to a sitting area between floors.

The kitchen—which is not part of an open floor plan, but is definitely spacious on its own—has a large industrial stove. The flooring is blue and white checkered tile, accented by white walls and cabinetry.

By the photos, it looks like some of the bedrooms open out to a communal balcony on the backside of the house, facing the backyard, pool, tennis court, and landscaping. Though it’s unclear exactly how the home is set up. The listing doesn’t specify.