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Would you spend over $2M to rent a Meadow Lane estate for the summer?

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The Meadow Lane estate in Southampton is the most expensive rental available


Renting in the Hamptons is expensive. This is a known—albeit unfortunate—fact.

But every year, the question arises: What’s your limit? Even if someone had more money than they knew what to do with (which many summer Hamptonites do), what’s the limit that you could justify spending on renting a home for just three months out of the year?

The most expensive home currently available for rent in the Hamptons sits at 700 Meadow Lane in Southampton. The price for the whole season, Memorial Day to Labor Day, is $2,250,000.

This is actually down in price from when it was previously available to rent in the summer of 2015 for a bit more, at $2,500,000 million.

For just July, the price is $1,000,000 and for just August, one will have to fork over $1,500,000.

At 18,000-square-feet, the estate is comparable in size to the most expensive house currently on the market in the Hamptons, “La Dune” on Gin Lane, which is 22,000-square-feet, and up for sale at $145,000,000. “La Dune” was available to rent out for one month last summer, also for $1,000,000.

The Meadow Lane estate sits on an eight acre lot, with nine bedrooms and 12.5 bathrooms in total. The property is oceanfront (of course), and has a heated pool and tennis court.

The home also features separate staff quarters, a gym, game room, and three-car garage.

So, would you want to spend that kind of money? How much could you justify spending on a rental that you’ll only be spending three months in? (Or maybe even less.)