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New to the market, this East Quogue home could be worth the renovations

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A fixer-upper just waiting to be a luxury Hamptons beach house

All photos, Brown Harris Stevens

A contemporary home in East Quogue just went up for sale, asking $545,000. The home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and sits on a one-acre lot.

Now, while the home is going for a low listing price (compared to the luxury real estate that is found on the East End), the home has a lot of potential, and has the serious possibility of being renovated and resold at a higher price.

The home was built in 1983, and probably hasn’t been renovated since, judging by the photos. A lot of things about the house just scream 80s design, like the mirrored fireplace, mirrored wall in the master suite, and everything about the kitchen.

But with its design, size, and open floor plan, this home could easily be turned into a redesigned and renovated home and resold for a much higher price. There’s a lot of potential here.

First and foremost, the kitchen would need to be redone, but it’s big enough that it could be made into a luxurious new kitchen with new appliances, a good backsplash, and definitely—definitely—some new cabinets and flooring.

Next, the walls are all the taupe and beige that was common in the 80s and 90s. So those would need to be replaced.

But the living room has super high ceilings and the flow between the rooms is perfect. Not to mention, there’s an amazing breezeway. And it’s already got the heated pool, so there’d be no need to add that during renovation.