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Pet-friendly Hamptons homes for dog owners

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Living in the Hamptons with your dog isn’t a very ruff life

Douglas Elliman

When considering a Hamptons home—whether that’s to purchase, to rent, or to build from scratch—it’s important to consider all aspects that impact livelihood. Including that of your pet.

There are two homes available right now, in particular, that have pet-friendly amenities worth mentioning.

6 Maunakea Street, Sag Harbor

This five bedroom, five-and a-half bath home sits at 4,200-square-feet on a half-acre lot. The most pet-friendly part of this home is the dog shower in the laundry room. Dog showers are becoming more and more popular, as the set up makes it easier to clean your dog and, consequentially, maintain a cleaner home.

Asking price for this home is $3,375,000.

69 Wainscott Northwest Road, Wainscott South

This six bedroom, six-and a-half bathroom home in Wainscott is about 6,000-square-feet, on a lot that’s just over an acre in size. Though the photos don’t quite do it justice, there are doggie doors throughout the home (see that little square on the bottom right of the screen door?). Doggie doors are a great feature in homes for pet owners, and in this one, they’re everywhere.

Asking price is $3,385,000.

In addition, Curbed wanted to know the low-down on owning a dog in the Hamptons—what people should consider when planning on moving out here, or what current residents should think about before bringing in an addition to the family.

So, Curbed sat down with a local dog owner, Sean, to see what makes the Hamptons a good (or not so good) place to own a dog. Sean grew up in Southampton and currently lives in North Sea.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog person, defintely. I personally don’t like cats.

What kind of dog do you have?
I have a border collie named Layla. She was after the famous Eric Clapton song. She was rescued from North Carolina in 2008. She’s nine years old. An amazing dog.

Do you think the Hamptons is a good place to be a dog owner?
I do, I think it’s a great place for dog owners and cat owners alike. I can’t speak for cat owners actually, because I don’t have one, but for me it’s the best because there’s just so much space.

The beach is everywhere and my dog loves going to the beach. The village is dog-friendly for the most part. A lot of shops keep dog treats and stuff because just so many people are out with their dogs in the village.

Are there any downsides to owning a dog out here?
Honestly, I’m so spoiled. I don’t ever want to own a dog anywhere else after having lived here with Layla.

What makes your property good for Layla?
My house is on a hill, I have a front yard and Layla is able to just run around. It’s open, not jammed with trees. She can run all over the place.

What’s good for her is that we have areas with mulch in the yard where she can go, so she doesn’t ruin all the grass or tear it up or anything.

So that’s great for you, then, too.
Oh, yeah that’s a good aspect for me.

What would you say dog owners should look for in a layout for their home?
Keeping it open, probably. An open floor plan would be good, but actually I don’t have an open floor plan in my house and it works out fine with Layla. Most importantly would be the interior design, I would say.

I think dog owners should probably stay away from stuff like, maybe, glass furniture, low tables, stuff like that. I would say just keeping it open, and with simple designs.

What are the best beaches for dogs?
Bridgehampton is the most spacious. Ocean Road, Peter’s Pond, Fairfield Pond—those places. They’re quiet, too, and they have, like, three times the space that Southampton beaches do. Southampton beaches are really narrow.

The further east you go, the wider the beaches get.

Do you ever take Layla into town?
Yeah, I do. She’s really well-behaved so it’s easy. There’s actually a new dog park in town, in Southampton, next to the police station.

The village is dog friendly, and there’s Agawam Park, too. You can get food from the deli and bring your dog to Agawam—you could bring two dogs, three dogs, 40 dogs to Agawam.

[Laughter] OK, maybe not 40 dogs, but you get the gist here.

You mentioned eating, is there anywhere you go to eat with your dog?
I’ve taken my dog to Paul’s. It was fine. It was great, actually.

She sounds like a great dog.
Oh, she’s incredible.

Anywhere else to eat that’s good for dog owners?
Yeah, I’ve seen people with their dogs at 75 Main, Gastro Pub, which used to be Tuscan House. Le Chef, I’ve seen dogs there. As long as they’re on a leash, no one will complain, really.

And as long as your dog is well-behaved, the Hamptons is a great place for dog owners. Most importantly, there’s just a lot of space.

Have you had a different experience living in the Hamptons with your dog? Let us know your pros and cons of being a dog parent. (Or living with a cat. Or parrot.)