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New Georgica Pond cottage sits at 2,500 sq. ft., asks $12M

Just what is putting this home at the $12 million mark?

All photos, Sotheby’s

The home at 106 Briar Patch Road in East Hampton just went up for sale earlier this week, asking $12 million.

The home, built in 1970, is noticeably small for the price tag. At 2,476-square-feet, the home is right in there at the average size of homes for sale in the United States. However, the price tag is anything but average.

At $12 million with less than 2,500-square-feet of living space, the asking price of this home comes out to about $4,847 per square foot. To put that in perspective, earlier this week, when Curbed ranked Hamptons neighborhoods by affordability, it was found that the average price per square foot in the Hamptons was between $120 and $2,200.

The cottage has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two half-baths. Design elements include an open floor plan in the main living space between the living room, kitchen, and dining room, and cathedral ceilings in the living room.

The home sits on a decent lot just under two acres in size, and it is directly on Georgica Pond. The property includes 300 feet of direct water frontage. It also has views to the ocean, though it’s not ocean front.

The property does not have a pool, hot tub, tennis court, or seemingly any luxury amenities that East Hampton homes at this price typically have. The listing does state, however, that there is “room for pool and pool house.”

Given the size of the lot that the home sits on, the property does have a lot of extra space to add those luxury amenities. But will anyone want to fork over that kind of money after having spent $12 million on a cottage?

Unfortunately, there are not many photos available of the interior, so it’s difficult to gauge what the inside of the home looks like and just what is putting the cottage at its current price point. It seems that perhaps the location is everything.

Did it belong to someone notable? Is it the proximity to the famous Briar Patch estate that’s asking $140 million? Leave your opinions for what puts this cottage at $12 million in the comments.