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Montauk couple sues East Hampton Town over requirement to inspect artist’s studios

If the space isn’t being used as an artist’s studio, it will have to be removed

A lighthouse in Montauk.
Photo via Jordan Confino

One Montauk couple was unaware that the artist’s studio on their property, which was built nearly 20 years ago, was subject to the inspection requirement. The couple’s attorney told 27east that the inspection risks the property owners losing the right to have the accessory structure. The couple has since filed a lawsuit against East Hampton Town.

Rarely does the Town ever inspect artist’s studios, but this year the Town sent notices to all artist’s studio owners informing them that there would be inspections to ensure that each studio is being used as such as opposed to illegal rental housing.

27east further reported that if a property is sold to someone other than a professional artist, that could lead to the structure being removed entirely.

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