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Sagaponack Bridge repairs scheduled to complete by Memorial Day weekend

If repairs don’t complete on time, the contracting company will have to pay a daily fine

Sagaponack Bridge.
Photo via Google Street View

Since mid-November, the historic Sagaponack Bridge has been closed to the public due to repairs. Repairs to the 1923-constructed bridge are estimated to complete by Memorial Day weekend, according to 27east. If they don’t complete by then, the contracting company will face a daily fine of $1,000.

27east further reported that the physical appearance of the 91-foot-long, 24-and-a-half-foot-wide bridge is expected to remain the same. Already, workers have poured concrete for the bridge deck and installed rebar for rail posts. Work that has yet to complete includes paving, curb installation, and other concrete deck and rail work.

The state partially funded the project with $500,000. The Village of Sagaponack’s portion of the cost totaled $400,000, taken from its capital highway reserve fund.

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