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East End transportation: Is Montauk getting a bus route for the summer?

Montauk is rising in popularity, but summer visitors don’t always have a way to get around


Montauk may be getting a town-operated bus service for the summer of 2017, reports 27east.

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell also wants to have a smartphone app where riders would be able to track the location of the arriving bus and appropriately plan their travel.

As the hamlet rises in popularity among young people, the bus service would be extremely beneficial to those visiting the East End for weekends in the summer. Many visitors are from the city and take the train out to the Hamptons, leaving them without the convenience that a car would provide.

Public transportation on the East End is particularly lacking—for the most part, the most common way for people to get around on Long Island is by car.

While the S92 bus loops from the South Fork to the North Fork, the bus route is simple and not very convenient. Since it only passes through the main roads, oftentimes riders still need to find a way to get to the actual bus stop in order to get the bus at all.

The proposed bus service would be a step in the right direction in making eastern Long Island more public transportation-friendly, however according to the original report done by 27east, the service proposed would only be available for the summer.

If all goes well, perhaps Suffolk County would be willing to introduce more year-round bus services for the East End.