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Green home for sale in Quogue, asking $950K

Energy efficient homes are just the bee’s knees

All photos, Douglas Elliman

If someone wants to save the planet, a good place to start is with their home. From turning to lights off when one leaves a room, to sorting waste productively, to composting, to recycling, there are a ton of ways that one can practice environmentally friendly living in their homes.

Eco-friendly homes have not only been on the rise in popularity, but they’re also a good way to save energy and actually make a difference, regardless of how cool they are.

The home at 2 Little Pine Lane in Quogue is currently for sale, asking $950,000. The property went on the market in November for $1 million, but came down in price.

The home uses energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling—which, is not only an energy saver and helps out with the environment, but also lowers utility bills. It’s a win-win.

At 1,600-square-feet, the structure is a bit small, but that just means there’s less space to heat—yet another energy saver. The home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms on a lot that’s just under a half an acre in size.

The listing describes the home as a “Zen oasis,” and tat just about fits the vibe of the property. There are large sliding doors leading to the back, where one could keep a garden. The exterior features mature landscaping and a gunite pool.