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Springs just got a new listing for just under $11M

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Which is pretty high for Springs

Though part of East Hampton, the northern pocket of land known as Springs tends to lean a bit more to the less expensive side when it comes to Hamptons real estate. The term “less expensive,” of course, being relative.

Sitting north of the highway, Springs is famously known for being the location that Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning both spent a lot of time, living and working. Writers such as Nora Ephron, Kurt Vonnegut, and John Steinbeck also all lived there, too.

But when it comes to real estate, Springs hardly ever gets very far past the $10 million mark. Yes, things are certainly still expensive, but being north of the highway and a bit more removed from the village than other parts of town, the properties are just a bit less expensive than the luxury estates one will find elsewhere.

So when a house goes up for sale on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road for $10,995,000, it’s a bit of a shock—and sparks the interest in many.

The 3.8-acre property is located right on the shore of Three Mile Harbor. The home itself is 3,870-square-feet, with four bedrooms and three-and a-half bathrooms. The exterior features a three-car garage, gardening shed, and tennis court.

The home definitely has its views, as from seemingly every room that’s photographed in the listing has some type of view of the bay. What’s weird about the listing, however, is that there isn’t really an exterior shot of the home available.

There are bits of the outside that are seen on the patio, but most of the outdoor shots are of the water and surrounding property more so than the home itself.

Which is fine. Some things have to be left up to the imagination, right?

This is definitely a curious listing, given the price that it’s going for in a location that hardly ever lists for that much money. So there’s high interest to see what the home will sell for.

By the photos and the listing description, it seems like the house has some of the luxury qualities that Hamptonites look for, plus with the size of the lot and the tennis court, the price could make sense.