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Renters can now fly out to see their prospective Hamptons properties

All in a helicopter departing from Manhattan

Photo credit, BLADE

Clients looking to rent on the East End for the summer are now able to get an exclusive look at their prospective Hamptons rentals—from a bit higher up than they normally would.

Corcoran and BLADE are offering the opportunity to bring renters out to the Hamptons via helicopter so that they can get a whole new look at their rentals. Renters choose up to three properties that they want to tour, and a Corcoran agent will then provide a personal tour of the property.

Corcoran has over 90 luxury homes in the Hamptons for rent right now.

Normally, a trip like this would cost almost $700 for a one-hour flight to the East End. But this is complimentary, and a lot quicker than a drive out from the city. Renters can apply online, and the helicopter departs and arrives back in Manhattan.

The complimentary helicopter trip is taking place on Sunday, April 9.

This is definitely an interesting way to show properties. Not to mention luxurious and convenient. It will also allow renters the opportunity to see the surrounding area of the property—how close it is to town and the beach.