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New Southampton home just hit the market at $55M

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Taupe: So ‘90s and so cool


Southampton just got a new listing that’s in competition for the top most expensive homes in the Hamptons, with an asking price at a whopping $55,000,000.

Let’s get some specs out of the way. The home was built in 1991, sits at 8,225-square-feet, and is on a 4.5 acre lot. It’s got 430 feet of direct oceanfront. Eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two powder rooms (fancy), three levels. Outside, there’s a heated gunite pool and a three-car garage. Designed by Eric Woodward and built by Harold Reeves & Sons with a shingle style exterior.

Now, on to the design.

This needs to be put out there: The home is covered in shades upon shades of taupe. While to many this seems outdated, the taupe thing gets a lot of people excited. It was named as a trend to watch out for, as it was anticipated to be back on the rise, by the Huffington Post about a year ago, and a lot of people are still into it.

The whole beige thing was a key interior design trend in the ‘90s and ‘00s. And while some are super excited about beiges and taupes, many do consider it boring. After all, “beige” is often used to describe something—not when the thing itself is actually beige in color—but instead, when the thing is boring.

So, yes, beige is a turnoff to some. And for $55 million, a lot of people might not exactly be willing to fork over another hefty interior redesign fee.

Some parts of the house have been updated (the kitchen looks like it has some new, shiny pieces), while some parts still have details that just scream “1990s!” like a neon scrunchie and a slap bracelet.

Not that that’s a bad thing.

This house has a lot to offer. For $55 million, the listing could use some more photos, but the ones we have offer a bit of insight into this property.