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Bridgehampton home designed by Andrew Geller is asking just under $2M

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It’s a mere 1,200-square-feet

All photos, Corcoran

Any Andrew Geller-designed home is usually worth notice once it goes up for sale, and the one at 375 Brick Kiln Road is no exception. The listing agent, Cee Scott Brown, told Newsday that the home “represents what beach houses in the Hamptons used to be.”

Though built in a modern design in 1963, the home definitely doesn’t have a lot of the luxurious extra amenities that many Hamptons homes often come with (though, with an added price). Rather, the home has the things that one would need in a beach house, some extras, but not a whole lot else to be bogged down with.

Though the structure itself only sits at 1,200-square-feet, it’s on a lot that’s over five acres in size—giving the property plenty of space for homeowners to do what they please. There’s a heated pool on the property, but no pool house, tennis courts, or separate garage.

The listing even suggests building another structure on the large property, and using the Geller-designed home as a pool or guest house.

The homeowner can do whatever they want. So yes, if the homeowner wants to appeal to the Hamptonite summer home trends, then building a whole new home on the lot would be perfectly appropriate.

But if they just need a place to escape, then there’s no need for another structure when that money could be used on minor updates (specifically in the kitchen—those cabinets need some TLC). Or college tuition. Or donated to charity.

The space throughout the three bedroom, three bathroom home is open, airy, and spacious, with white walls and white hardwood floors. Maybe it has something to do with how the staging was done when the photos of the home were taken, but the space really only can be described as beachy.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the main living and dining space and asymmetrical doors and windows that make the space unique but also would make it difficult to find replacement glass if something were to happen. Along with the windows and doors, the walls also slant, which would probably make hanging artwork difficult.

Asking price is $1,995,000.