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Housing lottery applications open for Accabonac Road complex in East Hampton

Progress is being made for the construction of this affordable housing unit

Amado Ortiz, Architect

East Hampton is now accepting applications for an affordable housing lottery, reports 27east. The lottery will be for people interested in the affordable housing unit that is planned for Accabonac Road.

A contract to construct was given to JNS Contracting. The construction was estimated to cost between $2.5 million to $3 million, but it looks like the cost might be coming closer to the lower end. The proposal that JNS submitted estimated the cost to construct the three units at $2.47 million.

JNS also told the board that the construction should take between four and six months once a building permit is granted.

Applications were sent to people who have previously expressed interest. At this time, 170 applications have been sent by the town. People who are interested but have not previously expressed interest are also able to submit applications. As long as the applicant meets the income requirements, they will be included in the lottery.

There was a drawing in 2010, in which about 10 people were drawn. However, it’s possible that some of these people no longer qualify.

Though the plans on this unit are about 10 years old, it looks like the project is getting underway. However, the Architectural Review Board still has to review and approve the project.