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Historical property for sale in Orient, asking under $1M

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It belonged to a blacksmith and Civil War vet

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A Victorian farmhouse went on the market this month in Orient, reports Newsday. It was built in 1873, and once belonged to John Cleveland, the village blacksmith who was also a Civil War vet. This home has a lot of interesting history attached to it.

The home also includes views of Orient Harbor from the screened-in side porch. Homeowners will enjoy an antique barn on the property.

At 2,200-square-feet, the home has four bedrooms and two baths. Unlike many homes that are available on the South Fork, this North Fork home doesn’t have a pool or tennis, and the interior could use some updating.

But this home has history, and on the East End, history goes a long way.

For the asking price of $975,000, the home could very well be worth putting some time and effort into and doing some renovations.

Though there may not necessarily be room for a pool to be put in, as the acreage on this property is a quarter-acre, there is still a lot that could be done with the structure to be modernized while still maintaining the integrity of the home.