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Construction of affordable East Hampton condos could begin soon

The plans are almost 10 years old

Photos courtesy of Amado Ortiz

After almost 10 years since the project was introduced, it looks like the plans for an affordable 12-unit condo development in East Hampton could finally be underway, reports 27east. The committee handling the case is reportedly ready to recommend a contractor.

In 2007, East Hampton Town purchased three acres at 181 Accabonac Road. This land housed the Accabonac Tennis Club. Architect Amado Ortiz presented the idea for the condos in the same year, however the project got slowed down as the government was experiencing some setbacks. The review process from the Suffolk County Department of Health took two years alone.

The development would be set up as three buildings, each with four units. The units would range from one- to three-bedrooms condos, selling between $150,000 and $300,000. The average price of a Suffolk County home is $373,300.

The total cost of the project is projected to cost between $2.5 million and $3 million and could take up to two years to complete. There is even the possibility for some energy-saving designs to be in place.