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Owner of Andy Warhol’s previous Montauk estate looks to make some exterior changes

Eothen might get some upgrading in the near future


Adam Lindemann, the famous art collector who once sold a Jean-Michel Basquiat at an auction for a record $57.3 million, is planning on making some changes to the exterior of his Montauk estate which became known for being the home of Andy Warhol, as reported by the East Hampton Star.

Lindemann is looking to build a 450-square-foot pool, patio, and even pergola on estate, but because of its proximity to wetlands, the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals must first approve the building changes. The plans that Lindemann has in place includes building closer than 100 feet to wetlands, which is the limit according to town code.

The estate, affectionately referred to as Eothen, has been in the hands of many notable people, having been built in 1971 by the a founding family of the Arm & Hammer company, the Church family. Before it was bought by Lindemann, it belonged to Mickey Dexler, the CEO of J. Crew.

Not to mention that the guests who have reportedly spent time at the estate include names like Liza Manelli, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Warhol purchased the estate for $225,000 with Paul Morrissey, and in 2015 it was on the market for $85 million.