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Hampton Design opens a new showroom in Bridgehampton

Clients can go to the space to experience the innovative design techniques

All photos courtesy of Hampton Design

Hampton Design, a top Hamptons interior design firm, announced the opening of their new 1,600-square-foot showroom. The space is located at 7 Tradesmans Path, Suites 11 and 12 in Bridgehampton.

Hampton Design was founded by Peg Fruin in 1999. The firm has designed and executed over 1,000 projects since. Though the business was named for the Hamptons influence and the location’s headquarters, the firm has done projects in places such as New City, New Jersey, and Westchester County.

Hampton Design’s recent projects include homes on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton, Dune Lane in Amagansett, and Paul’s Lane in Bridgehampton.

The showroom is an opportunity for clients to experience the design style of the firm. The space even includes two fully functional kitchens in different styles. Clients can also see design styles that Hampton Design has used for bathrooms, living spaces, and even offices.