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5 Hamptons homes offices with very different styles

A mix of elegant, modern, and traditional


Hamptons home offices are often portrayed in the Conrad Grayson sort of way. That is, large, dark mahogany wood everywhere, century-old Scotch in the desk drawer, and probably hidden cameras or secret safes throughout the entire room.

But Hamptons home offices can be very traditional or completely unique—just as Hamptons homes can be. Some are elegant, some are wide open, and some only ask to see the beach from their desk.

Here are five home offices found in homes for sale in the Hamptons.

47 Georgica Road

This East Hampton home is actually listed as a rental, but it’s included here because the home has two incredible opportunities for home offices. There’s the library (left) and the designated home office (right). And depending on what the homeowner does for a living or even just decides to do with the space, either room could work incredible well for at-home work spaces.

The library is more open and has more natural light, whereas the home office has a more structured feel to the room. The home itself is $420,000 to rent from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with eight bedrooms, eight full baths, two half baths, and sits at 11,600-square-feet in all.

45 Meadowmere Lane

The home office in this 6,300-square-foot Southampton estate is actually part of the master suite, which is quite an interesting choice of location. Having an office off the intimate spaces of the bedroom and bathroom might not create the best work-life balance for some, especially those who do a majority of their work from home. However, if the office space is used more to get none-career-related-work done, then it could work well as a home office. Or, who knows? Maybe the future homeowner has no problem maintaining a work-life balance in this set-up. Props to them.

The whole structure has five bedrooms, six full baths, two half baths, a chef’s kichen, patio with an arched trellis overhead, and even Har-Tru tennis courts. Asking price is $13,500,000.

3 & 4 Sylvester Road

Now it’s time to take a more elegant turn. This Shelter Island colonial style home features what is described in the listing as a library rather than an office, but the room could be used as either, or both—especially given the size of the room. One could easily place their desk in any way that would best fit their working style: Facing the window, not facing the window, in a secluded corner, or even right in the middle of the room with plenty of space to spread out. And there would still be plenty of room for other members of the household to plop down with a book and cup of coffee.

The 8,000-square-foot home has eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and is right on the Long Island Sound. Dock and docking rights included. Asking $13,995,000.

Undisclosed Address in Bridgehampton

This seven bedroom, ten-and a-half bath home features a home office that’s a bit more traditional in its set up. There’s a bookshelf in the back of the room, space for a large desk, and plenty of natural light while still being grounded in a structured space. Symmetry is everything for this home office.

The home its in also features a heated pool, tennis court, dock and docking rights, an outdoor shower, and a pretty incredible screened-in patio. Asking $42,750,000.

Undisclosed Address in Water Mill

Now here is the most unique home office so far. Doing your work from home may actually feel like an escape from home with this office, as anyone inside will be completely drenched in sunlight and complete views of Meyer’s Pond and Mecox Bay. Definitely a work space suited for the creative or non-traditional type.

The 7,000-square-foot home includes seven bedrooms, eight-and a-half baths, a heated pool, docking rights, private guest quarters, and a pool house. Asking $23,000,000.