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The aftermath of Winter Storm Stella on the East End

Heavy rain, hardly any snow

Instagram user teewizzler

The East End avoided what was anticipated to be one of the worst snow storms of the season, only a week before the first official day of spring. What was expected to be 8-12 inches of snow turned into a wintry mix that was mostly heavy rain that ended up leaving the East End with less snow on the ground than there was when the storm started out. The state of emergency was lifted by 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 14.

While the roads were still in bad condition for much of the day, many Long Islanders went out to see the storm. With the waves still reaching up to 11 feet at 2 a.m. on Wednesday, March 15, and even being as high as 15 feet at times on Tuesday, many surfers are enjoying the aftermath that the storm is still having on the surf. The waves will, however, die back down later today to reach the typical height, going as low as 3-4 feet at 11 p.m.

East Hampton Star reported a large tree falling near the East Hampton Presbyterian Church and flooding.

Many schools and businesses remained cancelled due to the road conditions, so many Long Islanders still got to enjoy a “snow day.”

About tonight! #stellastorm

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In like a . #march

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Not much snow, but 50mph wind and sleet. Oh and that's my house! Caper has lost his mind (again).

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Talk about a waterfront house.. #sagharbor #flooded #hamptons

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