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The home of noted Hamptons real estate agent Tina Fredericks is up for rent

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She hired Kenton van Boer as the architect

All photos | Sotheby’s

Tina Fredericks’ home is officially up for rent through Sotheby’s International Realty. The notable real estate agent, known affectionately as the “Realtor to the Stars,” passed away in May of 2015 at 93 years old. Her East Hampton home overlooks Georgica Pond.

Fredericks was the youngest art director in Condé Nast history, where at 22 years old she worked for Glamour and Mademoiselle, and is known to have given Andy Warhol his first job in New York. She also sold Warhol his Montauk home, and was a big influence in pushing him towards his career in art. In addition, she was an influence to the creative career of Gordon Parks, who was a highly esteemed a photographer and film director.

She started Tina Fredericks Realty in 1971, which would go on to be one of the most successful real estate agencies of the East End.

Her home was built in 2000 in collaboration with architect Kenton van Boer, at 4,500-square-feet on a 2.3 acre lot. The interior design is described in its listing as “whimsical,” which is extremely appropriate.

The five bedroom, six-and a half-bath house can be rented for the full season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day for $300,000. For that price, the renter will get panoramic views of Georgica Pond, and a private path leading down to the pond.