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The 4 best homes in the Hamptons by architect Pamela Glazer

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Female architects on the East End are often overshadowed by the men in the business

All photos | Pamela Glazer

Unfortunately, there aren’t many women in the business of architecture. In 2016, only 14 percent of the full-time workers in architecture and engineering occupations were women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What’s even more unfortunate is that this statistic has absolutely nothing to do with the capability of women, and everything to do with the fact that architecture is slow to be a welcoming place for women. Especially women of color.

However, there are incredible female architects in the business, and Pamela Glazer is one of the most influential architects of the Hamptons.

Glazer has designed structures on some of the Hamptons’ most iconic roads. She is the mastermind behind Cowfish Restaurant’s incredible outdoor design. She is also a LEED certified, atriathlete, and a member of Long Island Green.

Aqua Drive

This home brings elements of modern architecture smartly into a space for families. It’s designed with wood beam ceilings, and a floor plan that enables clear movement throughout the home. There’s also an alcove specifically dedicated to stargazing. Dreamy.

Center Street

This home is built directly over a pond. Well, some of it at least. Glazer brings a whole new meaning to “open floor plan” in this home. The kitchen and the living room are basically in the same space, but done so in a way that feels right.

Moses Lane

With an orange front door that was done so well that it actually looks incredible, this home has a little more color than the previous home. There’s even a beautiful dark hardwood floor that almost looks red in the living room.

East 2nd Street

And finally, a New York City apartment. Because this woman really can do it all.