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Winter Storm Stella turns into a wintry mix for the East End

This is unexpected


What was expected to be one of the worst storms of the season doesn’t seem to be holding up to its hype. The East End was anticipating a less severe snowstorm than western Long Island, but not like this.

The blizzard warning has been canceled, as reported by Newsday.

As of Monday, March 13, Winter Storm Stella was reportedly due to bring the East End 8-12 inches of snow, while New York City and western Long Island were preparing for up to two feet in accumulations. However, it’s turned into what looks like a wintry mix for the day.

Accumulations are expected to be between 3-5 inches for the East End, and up to 6 inches for western Long Island, with a mix of rain and snow all day.

So far, it seems like there has been little accumulation at this time, as the snow seems to be melting as soon as it hits the roads.

Residents should still take extreme caution, as the precipitation is going to be heavy throughout the day, and visibility will remain low. Some businesses have even decided to reopen their doors after prematurely closing.