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Winter Storm Stella predicted to be slightly less severe for eastern Long Island

But only time will tell


While New York City and western Long Island have been issued a blizzard warning for winter storm Stella, eastern Long Island has maintained a winter storm warning, in effect for Tuesday, March 14. A winter storm warning is less severe than a blizzard warning, but extreme caution should still be taken.

New York City, the southern state area, and western Long Island are expected to have accumulations between 12-24 inches. Eastern Long Island is expected to have accumulations between 8-12 inches.

Snow is predicted to start as early as 1:30 a.m. While heavy snow is certain, there is also expected to be a mix of snow and rain into the afternoon on Tuesday. There is also talk of the storm “bombing out,” a term used for a low-pressure storm that quickly intensifies.

Sometimes, a mix of precipitation can mean that the rain melts some of the snow. This happened a bit with the snow that eastern Long Island had on Friday, March 10. But with the storm being as severe as it’s looking, it doesn’t seem like some rain is going to help ease the accumulations significantly.

Rain and dampness ices over easily, so extra caution should be taken when driving—even after the storm has subsided.

Many businesses and schools have already decided to close for the storm. Residents are advised to take caution, and avoid driving or spending prolonged periods outdoors. During the last winter storm that Long Island had back in February, some residents lost power. It’s advised to stay off the roads, stock up on food and water, and keep warm blankets and flashlights close-by in the event that power is lost.