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After four price chops, this $13.9M East Hampton home is ready for a new buyer

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... or is it?

All photos via 140 Egypt Lane Official Website

Time for some real estate eye candy in East Hampton that offers a bit of history as well. New York-based architectural firm Polhemus and Coffin designed this $13.9 million single-family home in 1921. According to the listing, the residence is an “Egypt Lane landmark” as well as one of East Hampton’s most iconic houses.

It has been featured on Curbed Hamptons before when it hit the market around Labor Day in 2014 with a $22.5 million asking price. In January of 2015, the price was chopped to $18.9 million before being chopped again in May to $16 million and then one more time in October to $14.9 million.

Despite the many decreases in pricing, it still has a lot to offer. Along with a 60-foot-long pool and pool house, the eight-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom home also offers beamed ceilings and multiple fireplaces.

What do you think, though, readers? Does it still need another price chop to find a new buyer? Or has it finally found its perfect price?

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