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Amagansett mansion built pierces pyramid code, upsets locals

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“The entire neighborhood was up in arms”

Here, see the former home at 84 Meeting House Lane that was sold in March 2016. This home has since been replaced with a custom mansion.
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Amagansett is home to big names like Scarlet Johansson and Alec Baldwin—and now also home to a bit of a scandal. The New York Post reported that Hamptons developer Peter Cardel built a custom mansion at 84 Meeting House Lane that is higher than the East Hampton’s building code allows. [UPDATE: The New York Post’s statement was incorrect. Cardel reached out to Curbed Hamptons to say that the overall height of the home, which is less than 30 feet, complied with building codes.

There was a pyramid violation, which means that a portion of the home pierced an imaginary 45 degree line. The small southern gable of the master bathroom in the home that Cardel is constructing pierced the pyramid code. In order to comply with the code, the small southern gable was lowered by two feet.]

The New York Post further reported that Cardel is being forced to strip off the roof and gut the top level of the structure. [UPDATE: This is also incorrect. In actuality, there was no gutting, only the lowering of the home’s small southern gable.]

A witness told The New York Post that “the entire neighborhood was up in arms” in response to the construction, not only because of how tall it was, but because of how high the foundation was built. According to The New York Post, the high foundation caused water to allegedly flood neighbors’ properties. [UPDATE: Cardel reached out to Curbed Hamptons stating that the flooding of neighbors’ properties was actually allegedly due to a different home, one located South of the site. The home is also under construction and was allegedly set too low.]

In 2012, The New York Post reported that he built a home in the Hamptons that was too close to the curb, causing him to have to rebuild it.

In March 2016, the former home at 84 Meeting House Lane (seen above) sold for $3,350,500. When Curbed Hamptons reported on the sale, the home was described as rather “uninspiring” and with three quarters of an acre of land.

Image courtesy of Peter Cardel

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