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164-year-old Sag Harbor home chops $1.1M from price, asks $8.4M

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Lots of history, many unique details, one massive price chop

All photos via Corcoran

In 1853, Captain John Overton commissioned the construction of this Sag Harbor Federal single-family home. In 2016, designer Steven Gambrel and architectural firm Historical Concepts renovated the Federal property from top to bottom.

In KDHamptons, Jane Gill of Saunders Real Estate said, “The house was built in a relatively grand scale in the 19th century, similar to the larger captains houses on Main Street. The additions made to the original structure provide scale and program that suits the needs of a family.”

With over 7,400 square feet of space, the single-family home offers custom-designed English brass hardware, a front parlor with a fireplace, and a mudroom. There is also a double-height great room with a fireplace opening into a covered porch. From there, homebuyers will be able to see the saltwater pool and rear garden. Final need-to-know details include that the listing has a media room, wine cellar, gym, and laundry room. A two-car, heated garage is also included.

This seven-bedroom Sag Harbor home has been previously featured on Curbed Hamptons in a Pricespotter (where readers take a guess at the price of the listing). In April 2016, when the listing first landed on the market, it asked $10.5 million. In October, it later chopped its price to $9.6 million. Just recently, an additional $1,105,000 was chopped from the price, dropping it to $8,495,000.

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