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Filmmaker and philanthropist Regina Scully purchases home in East Hampton

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The East End welcomes the Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker

Regina Scully, famed philanthropist and documentary filmmaker, has just purchased a quaint home in East Hampton for under $2 million, as reported by 27east.

The single-story home is modest in comparison to many celebrity Hamptons homes, at 1,335-square-feet with two bedrooms and two baths, on only 0.17 acre of land.

Scully has won several Emmy awards for her filmmaking, and has been nominated for even more. She took home the Emmy for Best Documentary for P.O.V. (1988) and After Tiller (2013), as well as the award for Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming for Very Semi-Serious (2015).

In addition to filmmaking, Scully is a noted philanthropist, having founded, and is currently the CEO, of Artemis Rising, which works to promote arts and media shaping our culture. Scully is also very involved in education, having worked with charter schools in both New York and California. She is on the Harvard Women’s Leadership Board, as well as the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security.