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Southampton town supervisor doesn’t approve Speonk apartment complex—yet

The zoning isn’t right and the timing is bad

Jay Schneiderman is not ready to approve an apartment complex in Speonk, claiming that he doesn’t want to negatively impact the community, reports 27east.

Marc Chiffert, a developer at CAEC Engineering and Design and Construction of Southampton, proposed a 44-unit apartment complex at 85 North Phillips Avenue in Speonk. The complex would consist of 11 buildings, each with four apartments at three bedrooms each. These buildings would not resemble a typical apartment complex, but rather Hamptons-style homes.

They would not be up for rent, but rather are planned to be sold.

Chiffert claims that 10 percent of the apartments are planned as affordable housing units, while the remaining 90 percent would be sold at a currently unknown price.

However, the zoning isn’t right for the project. The lot is currently zoned for R-40 Residence, but Chiffert would need the zoning to change to Multi-Family Planned Residential Development (MFPRD).

In addition, Schneiderman is not prepared to approve an apartment complex while still in the midst of approving a 38-unit complex along the same side of North Phillips Avenue. These complexes would be rented. Schneiderman claims that he would like to see this project complete before approving plans for another apartment complex in the same vacinity.

Schneiderman simply doesn’t want to cause problems for the community, stating “The community has made it pretty clear to me that they don’t want to see any increases in density. … I have assured them that we will not be increasing density, so I am not inclined at this point to any zone change that would increase density any time soon.”