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Open thread: How do you spend your New Year’s in the Hamptons?

Or do you get off the island?

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With 2018 just around the corner, everyone is figuring out their plans for ringing in the new year. While the Hamptons is most certainly a nightlife destination in the summer, the big New Year’s celebration does happen during the East End’s off season, and it’s not uncommon for Hamptons residents to head elsewhere for the holiday.

But for those of you who do stay local—or, if you’re not a local and you choose to come out to the Hamptons for New Year’s Day—what do you do to celebrate?

Or, do you get yourself off the island completely and go somewhere else to celebrate New Year’s? The city is great, but we know a lot of people who won’t even think of going to the city for the holiday because of the crowds and the cold weather—especially since Times Square is outside, and there are basically no bathrooms around. We’d imagine that getting off the island to go somewhere warm would be a great idea, but we want to hear from our readers!

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