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Curbed Cup Elite Eight recap! Amagansett pulls ahead in front of Sag Harbor

Amagansett beat Sag Harbor, last year’s champion

Kevin Whipple

After another week of the Curbed Cup, we’re about to move into the Final Four competition. We’ve had an amazing week, with upsets, victories, and neck-in-neck battles to see who would advance to the second-to-last round of the Curbed Cup. But who will ultimately win the trophy?

Most notably, our underdog of the year, Amagansett, has bypassed a strong competitor in the second round, defeating Sag Harbor and bringing home 52.7 percent of the votes and leaving the 2016 Curbed Cup champion behind. This is coming after the first round, in which Amagansett took Hampton Bays out of the bracket, moving on past last year’s runner-up and the 2015 Curbed Cup winner.

In the Final Four round, Amagansett will be seeded against East Hampton—yet another tough competitor. But so far, it’s looking like our ninth seed has a decent chance at moving on to the final round.

Speaking of East Hampton, our fourth seed took home over 61 percent of the votes last week, while its opponent—North Haven—brought in nearly 39 percent. North Haven had a great first round and surprised us when they took top-seeded Westhampton out of the race, but we didn’t see them continue past East Hampton in this year’s Curbed Cup.

Though Sagaponack was seeded third this year, they didn’t make it past the second round against Southampton. In last year’s competition, neither Sagaponack nor Southampton made it past the first round—with Sagaponack being taken down by Westhampton, and Southampton beat by Water Mill—so we were excited to see both towns move on to the Elite Eight. Now, Southampton is moving on to the Final Four.

And finally, Springs beat out our second seed, Bridgehampton, in a tight race, taking home nearly 56 percent of the total votes.