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Open thread: What local knowledge have you learned from being in the Hamptons?

What’s the unwritten code of conduct in the Hamptons?

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Every town has their own unwritten code of conduct. But with the Hamptons being home to people year-round, and then a whole mix of people in the summer from all walks of life and global locations, we want to know: What kind of local knowledge have you gained from being here? What’s the unwritten code of conduct in the Hamptons?

For me, it’s knowing how to keep a secret. And I’m not talking about the hot gossip around town, that’s not so important—I’m about about the secret local spots. Everyone has a secret beach spot, back road, or place they go to relax. But if everyone knows about it, it’s no longer a secret. Personally, I won’t reveal my secret spots to even my closest out-of-town friends.

So if someone does trust you with a perfect hilltop view of the ocean and you notice that it’s perfectly—but almost suspiciously—quiet when you get there, you don’t tell anyone else about that spot.

What other local nuances have you noticed, either from living here year-round, or coming here for so many summers that it’s basically your second home? Leave us a comment below.