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Curbed Cup 1st round: (2) Bridgehampton vs. (15) Northwest Harbor

Which neighborhood should advance? Vote!

Gordon M. Grant / Alamy Stock Photo

Curbed Cup, the annual virtual award for the best neighborhood of the year, is officially kicking off! This week, we’ll be calling for readers to cast their votes. Each poll will only be open for 24 hours, so make sure to get your vote in!

Bridgehampton (2)

Home to one of the only shopping centers on the South Fork, Bridgehampton has always attracted people for its accessibility (conveniently located between Water Mill and Sagaponack) and its beaches. With part of town also being waterfront on Mecox Bay, there are both ocean and bay beaches.

This year, Bridgehampton’s commercial influence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recently, it was announced that Bridgehampton’s downtown might become a historic district, a goal set in place to preserve the history of the town.

Northwest Harbor (15)

A northern peninsula off of East Hampton, Northwest Harbor has much more affordable real estate than other parts of the South Fork. Often, you can get more land or larger homes for much less than you would closer to the ocean, but there are still waterfront properties and bay beaches in Northwest Harbor.

You can also take a three-mile self-guided walking tour through the abandoned Northwest Settlement, which is known as a ghost town.

In the 2016 Curbed Cup, Northwest Harbor and Bridgehampton went head to head in the second round, at which time Bridgehampton beat out Northwest Harbor by a small margin.

East Hampton

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